Clinisan™ Skin Cleansing

Skin care is one of the cornerstones of nursing practice; however, is an area of practice that is often overlooked. Simple, low-cost skin care interventions such as the introduction of a skin cleansing product like Clinisan™ may have a positive impact on quality of life and help protect the skin.

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  • Clinisan™ Bodywash

    Specifically formulated to help protect and care for dry and sensitive skin, acting as an alternative for traditional soap. The use of traditional soap during cleansing is known to alter the skin’s pH levels, often causing skin damage.2

    Clinisan™ Bodywash is designed with pH balance and added moisturisers to support skin integrity. Combining shampoo, bodywash and a foam bath, Clinisan™ Bodywash is a liquid solution designed to meet a range of patient needs.

    • pH balanced with added moisturisers
    • Shampoo, bodywash and foam bath in one
    2. Wounds UK (2012). Best Practice Statement Care of the Older Person’s Skin

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  • Clinisan™ Emollient Skin Cleansing Foam

    Provides a convenient gentle and effective cleansing system for continence care. Ideal for use with bariatric patients or patients with urinary and/or faecal incontinence, Clinisan™ gently lifts soiling, whilst cleansing, restoring and moisturising the skin.

    • Convenient pre-packaged solution can save time
    • Removes the need for soap and water
    • Quick-drying formulation reduces friction caused by drying
    • Emollients provide protective barrier supporting skin recovery

    In clinical trials, Clinisan was able to maintain the integrity of healthy skin in 66% of patients in comparison with 37% of patients cleansing with soap and water.1

    1. Cooper P, Gray D. (2001) Comparison of two skin care regimes for incontinence. British Journal of Nursing 10(6) S6-S20 2. Wounds UK (2012). Best Practice Statement Care of the Older Person’s Skin.

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Clinisan can be used alongside Conti® patient cleansing wipes for a full patient cleansing solution